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Automatic filter

Non-stop operation with MAHLE automatic filters To remain competitive, companies must use every potential to raise their productivity. For this reason, production processes are being increasingly automated. The capacity of machine and plant should be utilized completely. They can run in 24-hour operation only if certain requirements are fulfilled. To be able to comply with the high quality requirements on the workpieces to be manufactured, working fluids must be treated and regenerated. Product media must satisfy the requirements exactly and high safety requirements on plants and processes must be maintained. Furthermore, maintenance and disposal activities must not interfere with plant operation or interrupt it. The filtering of liquids, pastes and similar materials with automatic filter systems is therefore becoming increasingly popular in industry because it enables economic operation without downtimes. MAHLE automatic filters have captured further areas of application through the advantage of rational non-stop operation with automatic cleaning processes which eliminate the need for further disposal activities. MAHLE automatic filters are used with: Cooling lubricants for metal cutting operations as well as sheet metal shaping, Marine consumables such as engine oil and fuel, Washing fluids for industrial parts and vehicles, The manufacturing and processing of grease, oil, pastes or adhesives, Other fluids or products such as miscella, water, chocolate, dough and fruit pulp.              
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